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professor never - my new blog! Still brand spanking new (just a few posts), but I plan to write about literature, education, and my post-academic life--stuff that doesn't quite fit in here at small house

Other places to find me:

UU World:

The Boys Next Door: To stop rape culture, we need to start talking to our boys

At The Broad Side:

Charles Ramsey and the Racial Language Barrier 5/16/13 - How white Americans often misinterpret and underestimate black vernacular

Watching Trashy TV with Kids: Look Back, Talk Back, Reinvent, Turn Off 12/4/12 - Suddenly My Daughter is Obsessed with women-centered reality TV like "Say Yes to the Dress!"

Mary Wollstonecraft: Radical Feminist Then and Now 3/10/13 - In honor of Women's History Month

At Opinionista:

Here He Comes, Mr. America - 3/8/12 About the Celebrity-Effect in Politics (during the Republican Primaries)

Pink Slime: What Will Big-Food Think Up Next? - 3/21/12 - need I say more? yuck.

Brotherhood of Needy Dumbasses 5/11/12 My assessment of Jesse Lee Peterson, that crazy guy on YouTube who thinks women shouldn't vote, and the inspiration for the next article on Dumbassitis

Dumbassitis 5/23/12 - a few thoughts about the scary wave of misogyny in the GOP

Trayvon Martin: Where are the Pro-Life Republicans Now? 5/28/12 - my disgust with House Republicans who refused to attend a Judiciary Committee meeting about racial profiling in the wake of Trayvon Martin's death.

Me Inc., Liberation Through Incorporation 6/28/12 - how incorporation might just free me from the bonds of citizenship

Ryan's Science? A Hill of Beans - 10/14/12 -how Paul Ryan wowed us with horticulture instead of medicine in his bizarre discussion about human reproduction during the VP debates

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