Wednesday, September 21, 2011

where are all the feminists?

I’ve been perusing a lot of blogs lately – mingling at the party, so to speak, to see who’s out there.  In casually leafing through the nearly 8,000 blogs about family and childrearing on BlogHer, I noticed that only 1,000 self-identify as feminist.


What’s up chickies? 

I am a sort-of-stay-at-home mom—a SOSAHM so to speak.   In that capacity, I help my kids with homework, schlep them to soccer and swim practice, and happily cook for them every day (from scratch if that sways you).  Despite all those domestic endeavors, I am a FEMINIST through and through.

The thing is, I bet you are too. 

Isn’t blogging the most badass feminist thing you can do?  After all, it wasn't too long ago when women were sequestered in their homes with NO VOICE, struggling to be heard in their families, in the press, at the polls.  If they had an opinion, it was a talk to the hand sort of situation. 

Of course, we are dripping with gobs of gripping feminist writings (300 years’ worth!) by women who managed, with mountains of determination, a little luck, and an occasional male pseudonym, to be heard.  But they were exceptional.  And they carried the burden of speaking for all of their silenced contemporaries.  Now, we need not be exceptional!—convenient, huh?  No matter who we are, we can simply get on line in all of our celebrated mediocreness, start a blog and: voila!        

And look at the kick-ass feminist result! A huge community of big-mouthed, chattering, rambling, clucking and yammering women sharing, supporting and debating…about motherhood.   In a public space.  I love it!  That, my friends, is a feminist venture if I’ve ever seen one. 

And that’s something to be happy about, proud of!  We should be busting around with our chests all puffed out like a Fem Foghorn Leghorn!    

So…don’t let my use of the big F-word send you aflee.  Stick around at least until we can talk about what that scary word even means.

With that, I guess it’s about that time:  time to post.  Funny that this feels so much more public than past purges, delivered under safe cover of leather and flowery fabric, where I knew my words might offend or inspire no one.  Despite the possibility of an audience, however, this writing differs little, right?  After all, who in the world reads a bloggers first post?!


  1. some people read a blogger's first post.

    we are at a time in history where a balance of feminine and masculine - and an awakeness to a new consciousness that includes caring for and respecting each other and the planet - is more of an imperative for survival. so love your charge!