Wednesday, April 10, 2013

sure signs of spring

Freed from bulky winter socks, I sleep barefoot, wriggling my toes in cool flannel that caresses the arches of my feet.

I take my computer outside to write under the pine tree with my goofy doggy dog in tow.  Together, we succumb to the ever distraction of a bird who calls to his friend in a distant tree.  I can't help myself but wait for the answer.

When I change into my suit at the pool, I save a quarter on a locker because I can fit all my clothes into my backpack.

I rode my bike to the grocery store on Monday, and I didn't even have to talk myself into it.

My house turns luminous at 5pm because something about this season's tilt of the planet lets the late afternoon light come through the back window just so. 

The market has fresh spinach and blue eggs and green onions, and the pale yellow of morning sunshine.

I am reminded that the van's passenger window won't go down. Darnit!

We open boxes of clothes, laughing with surprise at the familiar things we'd forgotten.

My composter, nearly frozen for months, begins to melt and "cook"--just when I thought it would overflow.

I cut the year's first fresh oregano.

Bright colored sleds, yet to be returned to their attic haunt, look suddenly garish and tacky on the carport, like haphazard relics of another era.

Coffee is too hot, soup too soupy, "comfy comfies" too comfy.

I cave and eat artichokes from California.

I can see into my freezer.

I quit worrying about why a teenager would insist a hoody can ward off the winter wind on a twenty degree day. 

And when it's really quiet, I dare to think about the red of a fresh strawberry.

How about you? 


  1. My husband not having to convince me to ride my bike to work, the smell of spring breezing through open windows, putting the baby down when it's still light out, waking up with the morning light instead of being jolted by the alarm/baby crying in the pre-dawn pitch black dark.

    1. aah - i remember those days, putting the baby down when it's still light. (and later, trying to convince the toddler who's supposed to go to bed at 7:30 that yes, it really is "night time!")


  2. Longer walks and frisbee throws with the dog.

    Waking to the sun rather than the dark. Wait, toddler still wakes up when it is dark. Drats.

    Having a tea while the littlest splashes in the baby pool on the deck.

    The cherry trees raining blossoms to which the baby yells, "Go, Snow!"

    Eating popsicles.

    Fresh eggs!

    "I really don't have any shorts that fit me again this year?!"

    1. yes, i have the same problem with shorts! must be too many popsicles. :)