Friday, November 4, 2011

shalloween: an afterthought

“Mom, I don’t know what to be for Halloween.”

“I thought you were going as a beaver”  (her inexplicably odd choice for a favorite animal).

“I was, but I also might go as a famous singer – maybe Katy Perry.   I can’t decide.”


“But I was thinking, that’s probably just an excuse to put on makeup.”

“Hmmm.  Maybe.”

“That would be dumb.”

OK, I decide it’s time to weigh in:

“Well…no, it wouldn’t be dumb, but I’ll just point out: you have the rest of your life to wear makeup.  This might be your only chance to dress up as a beaver!”

“You’re right.  [pause]  I’ll be a beaver.  Oh! or a “beaver princess!?”

Beaver princess it is.  Egad.

And how awesome is that! These days, corporate advertisers suck the imagination out of every kid thing they can get their hands on.  Whether birthday party supplies, coloring books, t-shirts, shoes, backpacks, or Halloween costumes, they slap the latest cartoon phenom, or Disney channel mega star on the front of it.  The kids never get the chance to have their own idea. 

How cool to reject it all. 

And on top of that, not only has she already noticed that some girls use Shalloween as an excuse to dress alluringly, but she also had the presence of mind to note how “dumb” that would be.

Gotta love her!

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